It was in 1998, when electronic music vibes hits my ears and heart for the first time. In legendary club D.I.S.C.O. 2001 Djs Fun and Josef were the ones showing me the magic of DJing for the first time. Not so long after I bought my first records pack from Fun and begun to train and practice. I got some gigs on local venues, the one, that should be mentioned is the gig with Chris Sadler, that I´ve enjoyed so much. Was calling myself Dj Dust these days, playin mostly house records and started to travel with friend Kokino around biggest czech techno parties like Orion Hall, Citadela etc. This moved my music tastes slightly closer to club techno. In 2004 we´ve established project "The Twins" inspired by Space Dj´z. Our first own event, called Satellite, has its premiere in 2006 - we´ve invited some well-known names like Mario Ranieri, Ganez The Terrible or Arcane. Except Satellite we had also other events like Freaked! or MiniVibezz. In 2008 I´ve changed my nick to DarthFader and made a move to more techminimal music, which I was seriously into that days. Right after I´ve grabbed a chance to perform on biggest czech electronic festivals, Summer of Love and Let it Roll and I can´t forget almost independent Soundfeer - these were probably the best I was invited to.

So, don´t be shy and BEAT IT! ;)

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